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Inspection Mirrors

These sturdy mirrors make it easy to inspect underneath equipment. Look under tanks, machinery and vehicles without getting down on the ground.
Types of Mirror:
- Convex mirror gives a wide angle view to scan large areas quickly.
- Flat mirror gives a more precise view and accurate depth perception.

Model Durability:
- Standard model mirror is great for indoor use while durable.
- Deluxe model mirror is heavy duty and can be used indoors or out.

Additional Specifications:
- Handles adjusts from 30" to 50" (All models)
- Wheels for effortless maneuvering (All models)
- includes a flashlight (Deluxe model only)
[Square Inspection Mirror]
[View Larger Image - 67K]
Great for indoor use. Wheels included but not shown.
Model Description Ship Wt.
  SUC-12C 12" Convex Indoor 10 lbs.
*SUC-1212F 12" x 12" Flat Indoor 10 lbs.

               * = Mirror Pictured on Left

[Circular Inspection Mirror]
[View Larger Image - 67K]

[Circular Inspection Mirror - Back]
[View Larger Image - 84K]
Heavy duty for outdoor use. Flashlight included.
Model Description Ship Wt.
*DUC-12C 12" Convex Outdoor 11 lbs.
  DUC-1212F 12" x 12" Flat Outdoor 11 lbs.

               * = Mirror Pictured on Left

Handheld Security Inspection Mirrors

[Handheld Security Inspection Mirrors]
Handy Ergonomic Inspection Mirror

Perfect For: Trucks, Cars, Auditoriums, Stadiums, Hospitals, Airplane Cabins, Churches, Movie Theaters, Offices, Nightclubs, Train Stations And Restaurants.

  • Slip Resistant PVC Finger Grip Handle.
  • Ergonomic Chrome Arm, Which Adjusts From 25" To 30".
  • Glass Or Acrylic Convex Mirror With A Metal Backer And Ball Swivel Mount.
SUC-8CInspection Mirror With 8" Round Convex Glass Mirror
SUC-6CInspection Mirror With 6" Round Convex Glass Mirror
SUC-PLX8CInspection Mirror With 8" Round Convex Acrylic Mirror

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